Brooklyn's Romello Martin Likes RU

Zach Links- SOR Head Staff Writer

Sep 29, 2016

By: Zach Links- SOR Head Staff Writer


DL Romello Martin

DL Romello Martin

Rutgers wants Romello Martin. And so do 15 or more schools.

Martin, a defensive tackle out of Brooklyn, has major programs from all over the map knocking on his door.  As of this writing, South Carolina, Florida, Miami, Ole Miss, Tennessee, Louisville, Penn State, Nebraska, Kansas, and tons more schools have offered him. There could even be some additional offers on the way. Still, despite the rich winning tradition of many of those programs, Rutgers Is right in the thick of things for Martin.
"I haven't gotten up to Rutgers yet, but I'm really excited for my visit, whenever that might be." Martin told "So far, I haven't been able to check out most of these schools. My focus is on my senior year, both football and my grades. Plus, with games late on Friday night, you can't always get to these schools in ample time for Saturday."
While some players want to join up with the country's college football powerhouses, other players are more intrigued by the idea of forging their own path. Martin says that he likes the idea of going to Rutgers and helping to build the program into an elite team.
"I would want to be a part of that. Also, Rutgers is close to home so my family could go to all of my home games. That would be big for me, though I'm sort of 50/50 on the idea of whether I'd prefer to be close to my family or experience something new and travel further away," the 6'2", 289 pound athlete said.
Martin has a lot of schools to sift though and that means that he'll need a few more months to sort it all out. Over the summer, Martin revealed a top ten list that consists of Rutgers, Louisville, Miami, Florida, South Carolina, Miami, Florida State, Kansas, Penn State, Syracuse, and Tennessee. He has yet to formally narrow that list down, but he is expected to carve out a tighter list towards the end of the year. As for a final decision, Martin says that could come as soon as mid-January or as late as National Signing Day.


The Abraham Lincoln product isn't just blessed with size - he also has more speed than your average interior defensive lineman. Although he could conceivably see some time at defensive end in certain sets, he clearly projects to the defensive tackle position.
Martin says that his No. 1 focus will be on the field in his final high school season but on an individual level, he's going to put extra emphasis on improving his hands, busting through double blocks (he sees plenty of those), and staying low.
Martin is in regular contact with defensive line coach Shane Burnham and hopes to get more familiar with head coach Chris Ash in the near future. Martin did have one conversation with Ash last year and, like most other recruits, came away impressed.