No Longer Silent

Todderick Hunt- SOR Editor

May 21, 2010

By: Todderick Hunt- SOR Editor


Rutgers Commit Quentin Gause

Rutgers Commit Quentin Gause

Quentin Gause decided to take a trip to Rutgers to take in the campus and check out what Rutgers could offer him over the next four to five years. While there, he felt the need to let out what he had told SOR weeks ago. The silent commitment is no longer silent. Quentin Gause has committed to Rutgers.


“The trip was great. I learned more in-depth things about the program and I’m satisfied. I’m satisfied with everything that I saw. I feel comfortable with my decision,” Gause told
Gause further elaborated on what made him pull the trigger.
“All the stuff I saw at Junior Day was great, but I didn’t get to really see everything, only the good parts. There were so many people there that day, that I couldn’t personalize it. But today, everything form the athletics to the academics was on-point, so I decided I was ready to let the fans know how I felt,” he said.
Gause got the opportunity to talk to Jack Tabb, another Rutgers recruit who was also on-campus for a visit.
"I had met Jack a few weeks ago at the BigTime Showcase. He is a good guy. We talked about the program and stuff like that. He seemed pretty interested,” said Gause, who plans to now take on the role as an ambassador for the 2011 Rutgers recruiting class.
Gause’s father took the trek to Rutgers with Quentin in order to share this special moment with his son.
“He (my father) feels great about everything. Even though he is a Miami guy, he likes Rutgers because it's good people around at all times. Rutgers reminds me of my high school. They are always there to help. They will stay late to help you study and stuff like that. It’s a family-based thing,” Gause mentioned.
Having a personal 1-on-1, in-person conversation with head coach Schiano aided Gause in his decision to let his commitment out to the public.
“Coach Schiano re-iterated everything about winning a National championship and all, but he told me that his other goal is to build me from a young man into a man. I really liked that," admitted the top athlete. 
The 6-foot-2, 215-pound stud will likely land on the Rutgers campus in the summer of 2011.
“Since I didn’t take a certain class in eighth grade, I can’t leave school early, so have to arrive to Rutgers in June of next year,” said Gause, who also had a message for the audience.
“RRRRRRR UUUUUUU ready to take it to the next level.”