Prospects of Erasmus & Grand Street

Mar 11, 2017



Former RU receiver & Current Asst Coach Erasmus

Former RU receiver & Current Asst Coach Erasmus

Over the past 10 years, Rutgers has been reaching into New York City to get prospects. In the 2017 class alone, Rutgers added three 3-star prospects from the Big Apple. Two of the best programs in the city and Grand Street High School and Erasmus Hall High School. Both schools have put multiple student-athletes in programs across the country.


Former Rutgers WR Keith Stroud who recently left Grand Street after 3 years for a position with Erasmus Hall. The departure from Grand Street was not a willing one. As Stroud loved his time at Grand Street.


“We are done at Grand Street, the principal fired the staff. We all split up and went different ways. I am now coaching at Erasmus Hall”, stated the former Scarlet Knight.


With the entire staff gone from Grand Street, many of the players travelled to the schools where the former Grand Street coaches found employment. Many of these players are high level division 1 prospects.


“Sophomore DT Ireland Burke is currently at Pope John (NJ). Freshman WR Justin Bellido is currently at Erasmus Hall. Freshman DB Jalen Hannah is also at Erasmus Hall”, stated Stroud.


The player with the most potential who left Grand Street might be sophomore DT Ireland Burke. The young standout defender transferred to Pope John where his former head coach is now the offensive coordinator. From the way he is described, Burke has the ability to be a dominant player and national recruit.


“Ireland he's only a sophomore so the sky is the limit for him. He's very strong and has good size. Physically gifted once he understands how to consistently play with a low pad level. He will be another great defensive lineman for Pope John”, exclaimed Stroud.


While at Grand Street, Stroud coach Rutgers signee Olakunle Fatukasi and had some good thing to say about the future Rutgers linebacker.


“He's gonna be a force once he gets acclimated to college football.  He is an intelligent football player who strikes through ppl. Coach Busch and Ash will love O3”, stated Stroud.


 As expected, there are a lot of gifted players at Erasmus Hall. Many of which have the attention of the Scarlet Knights coaching staff and were in attendance at the latest Junior Day events.


“I do have some elite talent at Erasmus. We have 3 guys currently with Rutgers offers. There are Sean Ryan, Matt Jones and Aron Cruikshank”, stated Stroud.


Each of the Erasmus Hall prospects are apparently difference makers which will make a lucky suitor very happy.


“WR Sean has 9 offers. Matt is the number 5 Tackle in the country. Everyone wants him. Aron has world class speed holds offers from Ohio State, Michigan, Wisconsin and Penn State. All three will be impact players in the tri state.”, stated Stroud.


Stroud went on to further detail their abilities.


“Sean wins every jump ball”, he stated.


Matt has great feet and hands, He literally dominates everyone who lines up in front of him”, he stated.


“Aron is exceptionally fast. He can have a Curtis Samuel impact on a team”, he said.


Being a football coach allow Stroud to interface with the new coaching staff at Rutgers and has built a fondness for the staff.


“I love everything about what coach ash has done so far with Rutgers. He's changing and bringing an elite atmosphere to RU. I think the young men there have some great resources to do and be really special if they take full advantage of them”, he said.