RU Pursuing Hot Georgia Prospect

Zach Links- SOR Head Staff Writer

Oct 14, 2016

By: Zach Links- SOR Head Staff Writer


Chris Hinton Jr

Chris Hinton Jr

Now that they're in the Big Ten, the Scarlet Knights believe that they can draw top-tier talent from all over the map. Recently, RU went down to Georgia to offer Chris Hinton Jr., a promising young defensive end.  

Already, Hinton boasts offers from RU, Georgia, Michigan, and Michigan State.  That's an impressive list of schools and it's even more impressive when considering that Hinton is still just a high school freshman.  
His father, former NFL offensive lineman Chris Hinton Sr., was once a highly-prized recruit himself.  However, he acknowledges that the scouting game has advanced significantly since his high school days.
"It's totally different now," Hinton Sr. told "When I was recruited, you would basically wait until your junior year.  You would have some initial contact and some questionarres to fill out at that point.  As a junior, you were just getting on the radar and it picked up in your senior year.  Then, you make your decision after your official visits.  Things have certainly changed."
The Hinton family has long known that Chris Jr. is a special athlete, but they were a bit surprised by the amount of college attention he has already received.  Chris Sr. worries that it may be "too much, too soon" but he also knows that his son is mature enough to handle all of the offers coming his way.  
Some scouting sites have reported that Hinton is leaning towards Georgia, but his father insists that's not the case.  The Greater Atlanta Christian School standout has plenty of time before he has to even think about making a decision and his recruitment is still wide open. 
Both of Hinton's parents are proud Northwestern graduates and, predictably, they are stressing academics to their son.  The family has yet to visit Rutgers, but they already hold the school in high regard based on its scholastic reputation.
"We're not at the point where we're digging real deep into schools just yet, but being a Big Ten Family, that's a big plus for us.  Now that they're in that conference, it has really opened our eyes to everything and exposed us to the program.  Between that and the academics, we know that we're going to take a good look at Rutgers," the elder Hinton said. 
The younger Hinton plays on both the offensive line (like his dad) and on the defensive line, but with his athleticism and build, he's unquestionably ticketed to play D-Line at the next level.  
"He has lot of God-given ability, things that you can't coach," Hinton Sr. said of the 6'4", 265 pound prospect. "Having the size and the athleticism that he does, it's something special. Over the years, he has developed a toughness and a go get-it type of an attitude and a desire to want to get better. I think those things combined separate him from the rest of the pack. I think that puts him in the category of a 'power five' kid."