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Associated Press - Chris AshAsh's First Recruits


With only a few weeks to recruits, 1st year Rutgers coach Chris Ash gather his first class to the Banks. Let's see who could sign on. Read More More



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Merry Christmas & Happy Holidays

The staff of SOR would like to wish you a Merry Christmas and happy holidays.

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Associated Press

The Ash Era Begins...

December 7th was the start of the Ash Era at Rutgers.

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AP Source:RU To Hire Chris Ash

According to reports, Rutgers is set to hire Chris Ash as the next Rutgers Head Football Coach.

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Out of the Box: Rutgers Candidates

There are a lot of the college coaching positions available and competition for them. Here are some out of the box candidates.

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Candidates for Rutgers Coach

SOR takes a look at the potential candidates for the Rutgers Head Football coach position.

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Candidates for Rutgers Coach Part 2

Here is another list of potential candidates.

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Flood & Herman Fired

According to sources, Rutgers has fired their Athletic Director Julie Herman and Head Football Coach Kyle Flood today.

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Rutgers Falls To Maryland, 46-41

Rutgers ends the 2015-16 season with a loss to Maryland, 46-41.

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Happy Thanksgiving

Happy Thanksgiving!!!

The staff of would like to wishes everyone a very happy Thanksgiving.

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Associated Press

Rutgers Beats Army, 31-21

Rutgers snaps a four game losing streak with a victory over Army, 31-21.

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Rutgers falls to Michigan, 49-16

Rutgers falls to Michigan, 49-16.

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Rutgers falls to Wisconsin, 48-10

Rutgers falls to Wisconsin, 48-10.

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Preview: Wisconsin

Rutgers will face the Wisconsin Badgers on Saturday at noon. Let's take a look at the Badgers.

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Associated Press

Rutgers Fall to Ohio State, 49-7

The Scarlet Knights fall to the defeating national champions Buckeyes, 49-7.

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