Rutgers Is The First to Offer Nelson

Donald Forbes- SOR Publisher

Jan 30, 2013

By: Donald Forbes- SOR Publisher


Rutgers Offere Justin Nelson

Rutgers Offere Justin Nelson

Two years ago, Coach Rich Hansen called former Rutgers Coach Greg Schiano saying that he has a freshman who they should offer now. For Coach Hansen to make that call for a freshman is high praise for the young man. Over the past 20 years, he has sent players to dozens of bowl subdivision schools all over the country so he knows when a kid is special. This young man is Justin Nelson. Although this talented defensive end/linebacker is no longer playing for St.Peter’s Prep, his physical abilities are still very evident.



He is now a junior at DePaul High School and the offers have started to come in. The first school to make their intention known was Rutgers who informed Nelson of his offer on Monday.


“Coach Cohen came to my school and told my coach that I am a good defensive player and they want to extend an offer to me. When my coach told me, I was at a lost for words. The excitement was unbearable. I just hugged my coach. It is a blessing. I really appreciated the offer”, exclaimed Nelson.


Since Monday, the University of Massachusetts has also made their intentions known. There will likely not be a shortage of suitors. Last season, Nelson accounted for 11 sacks and 58 tackles from his defensive end and linebacker positions. His efforts have caught the attention a of numbers schools. Enough so that he feels that additional offers will be soon provided to him.


“I feel that Maryland, Pittsburgh, Boston College and Central Florida are close to offering. There are other schools like West Virginia and Michigan State that are showing heavy interest”, he stated.



It was not an easy road for Nelson. His freshmen year at St. Peter’s Prep was a struggle academically. The change of environment and a new found inpiration and focus has helped him to elevate his grades while positioning him for these scholarship offers.



My freshmen year put me behind. It was not horrible but it was not good enough. I have worked hard from there and now things have started to roll in for me” he said. “It is a dream come through. I came from St. Peter’s prep to DePaul and took care of business on and off the field. I love the game of football and now to see everything coming together is great.


What has even made the experience larger than life is the fact that Rutgers was the first school to offer. His father and he are Rutgers fans. The State University of New Jersey was one of the two schools Nelson cheered for as a kid. So it was truly a special event for him.


“My dad is a Rutgers fan and so am I. Another school that I cheered for was Michigan. So you can say that I am a Rutgers and Michigan fan. To have an offer from both schools would be crazy and an awesome feeling”, Nelson told


Being one of his favorite schools, Nelson has been on the campus a number of times where he has built a true appreciation for the school and what it has to offer.


“The coaches are fantastic. They are interested in me as a person. It is a comfortable environment and close to home. It gives me the option to stay home. I watched one of the practices on junior day. The tempo is high and I love that style. On defense, they have the “R” who rushes the passer and dropped back in coverage. It suits me well. I like the school and it is a great situation to be in”, stated Nelson.


Although Rutgers appears to be high on his list, the Rutgers staff might have to wait a while for a decision. In order to make the best decision possible, Nelson will be very deliberate during the recruiting process.  


“I have no idea of when I will make a final decision. I will take my time with the process and see what offers come in before making a decision”, he stated.


For now, Nelson will focus on school and improving as a football player. There is one event that he has mark on his calendar and hopes that he is able to attend.


“I will be doing the Nike camp. The guy who runs it has sent me information to start the process. I hope to get an invitation. Besides the Nike camp, I will be going to a lot of events with my team”.