Thoughts On RU and College Football

Nov 12, 2017

By: Mike Fasano


Chris Knight | AP

Chris Knight | AP

 Proud of the way the kids played. 

There is still too much of a talent gap but I love these kids. They have great heart.


It has been that way all season. I was at the Ohio State game. The Knights were getting pounded. It didn't matter. The kids looked pumped up. They looked pumped up on every play. They did care about the score. They had no intention of conceding one inch.


I don't know if it is this bunch of kids, this coaching staff's effect on the kids or both.


Whatever it is, I have never seen a group like this in all the years I have been follow Rutgers Sports.


It is damn easy to cheer for them.


Which brings me to Gus Edwards.


Be honest. Do you ever remember a guy like this.


I have been thinking a lot about Gus. You see, I have this old concrete and rebar garage behind my house, which I have been meaning to take down. I have thought about giving Gus a call. I, mean, it is right up his alley.


I mean, I can imagine the conversation.


Gus: Oh, sure, Mr. Fasano. I can do that. No problem.


Mike: I mean, you won't hurt yourself, will you?


Gus: No, no. Not at all. Piece of cake. I'll just run right into those walls a couple of times. Piece of cake.

Sick to death of the "Big Ten Tailgate"

The Big Ten Network has a show every Saturday before the games called the "Big Ten Tailgate." They have four "forecasters" who pick all the Big Ten games. Each week they unanimously pick against Rutgers no matter who the opponent is and no matter what happened in the last game.


It is a program with "zero tolerance" for reality. 


Now, being realistic myself, I wasn't surprised that they picked unanimously against Rutgers.


Okay, I can buy that.


But I didn't expect two of them to say that Rutgers "is going to get killed" and the other two to say that "Barkley will run for 300 yards." 


Not quite.


Rutgers didn't get killed, for the first half they did the impossible. They got PSU fans to shut up.


Oh ... and Saquon Barkley.

Let's go to the stat sheet.

Barkley rushed for 35 yards total yards on 14 carries. 

That's an average of 2.5 yards a carry.

Of course, it didn't help Barkley's average that he was getting stuffed in the backfield by blitzing RU cornerbacks.

And as to the "Big Ten Tailgate" forecasters?


Were there any apologies?


Of course not.


I'll be blunt.

I am sick to death of these self-important "know nothings" and their homeboy biases.

Groundhog Day

Just as Rutgers bashing is habitual, each year Notre Dame is pegged as a National Championship contender. At least, that is, they are pegged that way until they run into someone who can actually play the game.

Last night Notre Dame ran into Miami.

Final Score: Miami 41 Notre Dame 8

In the fourth quarter I heard an announcer say, "it appears that Notre Dame didn't deserve a number 3 ranking."

No kidding.


Is it a coincidence that Kyle Flood's coaching vastly improved after Ralph Friedgen became an assistant and that Chris Ash's coaching is vastly improved after Jerry Kill joined the staff.

I don't think so.


This team in night and day different from last year's team.


Look. Flood didn't just leave the cupboard bare ... he took the damn cupboard with him.


It appears that Rutgers is patching together an offense and a defense out of pure heart and dedication.


I have one thing to say.


Long live, Jerry Kill.