Where Are They Now? Kevin Haslam

Donald Forbes- SOR Publisher

Apr 11, 2017

By: Donald Forbes- SOR Publisher


 As Rutgers looks to improve the play of their offensive line, the staff could look to the play of the units from 2006 to 2009. During these years, the offensive line play was among the best in school history and in the nation for that time. StateOfRutgers.com was able to catch up to Kevin Haslam, who was a member of those units that produced school records.

Haslam played with Rutgers great such as Ray Rice, Mike Teel, Anthony Davis, Kenny Britt, and Brian Leonard along with being a member of the team who beat #3 Louisville in 2006 and #2 South Florida in 2007. Even though he was a part of a number of great wins, Haslam has a different game where his favorite play was a part of.


“Rutgers beating UConn in 2009 is my favorite game. I feel like that's such an overlooked game for a lot of people. I thought the Rutgers-UConn rivalry was just as strong as RU vs USF. Tim Brown burning an entire secondary for an 80 yard TD to win the game. That was it for me”, said Haslam.


After leaving Rutgers, Haslam was an undrafted free agent with the Jacksonville Jaguars in 2010.  He was able to make the Jaguar’s opening day roster and made an appearance in five games. Jacksonville was the first of five NFL teams who Haslam signed in a career that spanned four NFL seasons.  The experience was obviously a great one.


“It was a great feeling, something I didn't think was always possible. Obviously everyone's goal is to make it to the next level, but there’s definitely a feeling a player gets when he knows it can be a reality”, said Haslam.


Haslam’s career was the very definition of a journey man’s.


“It was a rollercoaster. I played in Jacksonville Florida my first year. It was by far the hottest place I've ever played a sport. I'm pretty sure I lost 10-12 pounds of sweat each practice.  I made the roster my first year and saw time the first game against the Broncos. I ended up going on IR (Injured Reserve) my 2nd year with an MCL injury. I came back for year 3 with the Raiders, and then the Chargers. I started my first NFL game with the Chargers and was able to receive the game ball in our win against the Steelers. After San Diego, I was in New England with about 7 other RU guys and eventually ended in Detroit”, stated Haslam.


Although his NFL career had its ups and downs, it was an experience which Haslam treasures.


“Overall, I think the experience was great. I was able to play for a lot of different teams and was able to meet some lifelong friends.  While experiencing my share of successes as well as a career ending injury. In the end, I think I experienced almost everything the league has to offer”, confessed Haslam.


With his playing days behind him, Haslam dropped nearly 50 pounds and crafted his 6-foot-7 frame to look more like an NBA power forward.  He has been able to maintain his frame with hours in the gym and big changes to his diet.


Similar to many former Rutgers athletes, Haslam entered the professional world outside of sports. He used his Rutgers major in Communications-Advertising to garner a job in his field.


“I work for a digital adtech company called 33Across. We help brands and websites target consumers with relevant digital ads online”, he stated.


Now that Haslam has some time to watch Rutgers, what is his feelings on the Big ten?


“To be honest, I haven't followed as much since Coach Flood's departure. The move to the Big Ten isn't my favorite, but it gives us a great opportunity to compete against the best college football teams every year, can't complain about that. But I'll forever be loyal to the Big East”.